Saturday, December 6, 2008

Riding Out in Loudoun

Loudoun County, my favorite Place on earth, is best viewed through the ears of a horse. In Riding Out: A Hack in Old Loudoun, I give a glimpse into the secret recesses of Loudoun through essay, photography and poetry (and through the ears of my Quarter Horse, Indy:-)). Here's an excerpt:

"Nothing exists when I ride out except the sky, the path ahead, and the deep rich smell and shine of horse hide. It's impossible to think of all the reports that must be written, the bills that must be paid, the errands that must be run. It's almost impossible to think at all, at least in the traditional linear way, because on horseback I become a physical being again. I connect with whirling leaves and winter snow, sunshine and cloud shadow, brush and stone, clay and heaven.

On Sunday's when most people are in church, Jo and I luxuriate on horseback. We twirl our riding crops at Loudoun's golden fields, leaf canopy and purple mountains. "We're already in church," we say. "This is our temple." From our lofty perches with Loudoun in our blood, we feel ourselves to be Gods on this earth and apologize to no one."

To help protect this glorious Place, all proceeds from this book will be donated to the Land Trust of Virginia. (For a preview or to order, click on the badge in the right column of his Blog)

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