Monday, April 13, 2009

ePodunk: Great Site to Explore 46,000 Places

Interested in finding out more about your hometown or one of those places you've visited and fell in love with? ePodunk is an excellent web site that allows visitors to discover the uniqueness of thousands of places around America. According to this rich website:

"Despite the growth of fast-food restaurants, national retail chains, suburban sprawl, the global economy and the Internet, geography matters. We see the sense of place thriving in thousands of cities, suburbs and villages. Americans are emotionally attached to multiple places, from the neighborhoods of their childhood to their alma maters, from favorite vacation spots to past homes.

Yearning for one place while living in another is a typically American state of mind. Every year, one out of every six Americans changes address; 8.5 million young adults leave home to enroll in college; and 66 million U.S. adults take a trip that includes a visit to a historic or cultural site.
Yet the cultural and historical details that evoke place cannot be conveyed by statistics, maps or lists of Web links. By celebrating the unique and irreplaceable, ePodunk goes beyond population numbers to the ineffable things that define the essence of a neighborhood – with literary excerpts, local events, notable personalities and history.

I urge you to check it out this celebration of the vibrant places in America and share your pictures and knowledge.

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