Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dandelion Cafe: Thinking Locally

"Our original mission was to save the world and we're accomplishing that by starting in our own back yard," says Julie Norris, founder of the charming Dandelion Cafe. This small Place tucked in the great No Place of Orlando, Florida, is thriving, despite the economy, primarily because it creates an important gathering spot for the creative community.

After watching their mini documentary on line, I was fascinated at how Norris and her business partner Chris Blanc intentionally created a Place that matters by thinking locally: They serve local foods, buy from local vendors, host local artists and musicians, and serve as a local business incubator. I encourage you to listen to Norris and Blanc as they describe their business philosophy and why it matters in their community and in the world: http://dandelioncommunitea.com/about-us/. They may inspire you to do something equally world changing in the place you live.

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