Saturday, February 13, 2010

De-Junking & Reorganizing

It's easy to clutter a house or office up with stuff that has no meaning. Magazines that no one will ever read again . . . wall hangings bought on sale from some unremembered store . . . odds and ends shoved on top of shelves.

Recently we realized that our townhouse didn't feel so much like a Place any more -- it felt like a pass-through point, just somewhere to sleep, an after thought. We thought about painting it, getting new furniture, or buying new art pieces to give it a facelift. But surprisingly all it needed was a de-clutter and a reorganization. We threw out stacks of magazines, reorganized shelves, and took clothes to the Thrift Store. We got rid of furniture that no longer served, rearranged dishware to provide more shelf space, and cleaned out the medicine cabinet.

In our "archeological dig," we discovered things we had forgotten: a beautiful vase we'd bought at a local fair, a mirror we'd brought home from our travels, books we'd bought and forgotten to read, tableclothes hidden in a bottom drawer. Clearing away the meaningless, allowed us to discover and enjoy the things that actually have value and which make our place feel like Home again. I need to remember that next time I feel like going on a shopping spree.

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