Friday, March 26, 2010

Airport Creates Brilliant Gateway to America

Last night I had to catch a connecting flight in Detroit and was blown away by what I discovered. Walking from Terminal B to Terminal A, I began hearing nature sounds -- crickets and water tinkling. And then I rounded a corner and suddenly encountered a brilliant tunnel of light and music that made me beam with delight though it was late and I was exhausted.

Like the other travelers, I suddenly slowed down to admire the artistic light show underscored by classical music and the sound of water. Rather than pounding along on the people conveyer belt like I'm known to do, I strolled along through the tunnel, not in any hurry to leave. Many others around me did the same, particularly the Asian business men just in front of me. Like me, their eyes were bright and they were smiling.

As a key gateway into America from Asia, this brilliant light tunnel is ingenious in shaping perception of our country and letting travelers known that they're arrived in an amazing Place. And it certainly changed my perceptions of Detroit's decrepitness into one of beauty and new beginnings.


Unknown said...

This is wonderfully written, Marilyn!! I can feel the environment from your blog.
With the (created) fast pace life, we miss to appreciate the beauty of our surrounding.

Few years ago, one of my friend, after returning from Japan, told me that some Japanese companies play natural sounds (sound of waterfall, birds, rain, kids playing etc.) in their corridors. When the employees take a break from their tiring day, they feel extremely relaxed while passing through or waiting in those corridors.

I think this is related to your experience as well. In fact this matches with the fundamentals of entertainment which says that the moment our mind gets filled up while doing some work (good or bad) for a long time, such frequencies (depending upon individual’s taste) from other senses stipulates (by exciting or relaxing) our mind and they sound ever more beautiful.

Thank you for sharing such soothing blogs!

Our Founders said...

Thank you Varun. Yes, it would be so much better for our psyche if we filled our corridors and public spaces with natural sounds, beautiful music, and works of art rather than the constant barrage of loud music, traffic, and advertising.

Ingrid said...

Wow, that's the first airport I'd like to go to! A place, not just space...