Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcoming Entry

One of the trends that I find disturbing and a sure sign of No Place creeping in is the big "gated community" entryways or the electronic security gates preferred by many suburbanites who move to the country. My home, Loudoun County, is known for arms-thrown-wide stone entryways and village signs that say lovely things like, "Relax . . . You're in the Village," so these new security gates feel like a particular intrusion here. It's obvious that they're meant to keep people out rather than invite them to come in, and they're certainly a loud declaration that the area inside is not part of the community or people around it.


jc said...

Found your thoughts fascinating. This post reminded me of a poem I'd written some while ago about the influx of people moving into the village and the changes that they brought.


They come in search of blackboard skies and tinsel stars
and land stretched out like patchwork quilts,
they leave behind the mortice locks and glass secured by metal bars,
they find a place where kids can play,
where even if they roam or stray,
it causes not the heart to miss a beat.
And still more come to find this dream
and soon a matchbox town appears, to eat the land and light the sky. Now once again the bolts are placed
above the doors,
high fences mark the boundary lines
of mine and yours,
designed to keep out prying neighbours' eyes.

Our Founders said...

Hello jc,
Thank you for your comment and your wonderful poem, which I plan to highlight on my blog -- nicely done. I very much like your Highland Hooves blog as well:-) Scotland, especially the Hebrides, has always been one of my favorite Places.