Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soon a Matchbox Town Appears

In response to my "Welcoming Entry" post, jc from Scotland sent this lovely poem which she wrote upon observing what was happening to her village in the Highlands.


They come in search of blackboard skies and tinsel stars

and land stretched out like patchwork quilts,
they leave behind the mortice locks and glass secured by metal bars,
they find a place where kids can play,
where even if they roam or stray,
it causes not the heart to miss a beat.
And still more come to find this dream
and soon a matchbox town appears,
to eat the land and light the skies.
Now once again the bolts are placed above the doors,
high fences mark the boundary lines of mine and yours,
designed to keep out prying neighbours' eyes.

jc, Scotland

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